Local Gallery Display - The Proper Pot

Brevard, North Carolina

Granite Table Tops, Lazy Susans, Trivets, Rock-candles...

Come on out to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning in Brevard , NC.  You will find TONS of fresh and local products, as well as my handcrafted Natural Stone items.

For more info, see their facebook page - Transylvania Farmer’s Market

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We hope you take the time to peruse our pages, and find an application that will suit your needs.  Natural stone is our medium, and customer satisfaction is our goal.  Whether you need one small item, or 50 larger ones, Every item is crafted with a passion for excellence. Granites and marbles have so many different “looks” and “personalities” and we love them all.  Surely one will be right for your home, office, or gift needs.

So c’mon in, browse around, and if there’s anything we can craft for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

I just LOVE kicking-back at the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Brevard.  The opportunity to talk to folks about stone, and maybe help them or answer a few questions about granite, gives me a HUGE smile each week in the season.

Hand Crafted Granite and Marble Items

For access to polishing and cleaning supplies, as well as other stone and marble related items,  try Easy Stone Care.

This website is managed by a friend and SFA brother and I fully recommend his knowledge and products.