In 2010, I engaged in a “quid-pro-quo” arrangement with nationally acclaimed artist Kathryn Rutherford of Gatlinburg, TN.  (   (Her works are on display at Epcot Center in FL, as well as the Smithsonian in Washington DC)     I highly recommend looking into her art, to anyone appreciative of consummate skills in various forms of imagery!

    She had been hauling-around a piece of 2cm white marble, for years, through several homes from Canada to, finally, Gatlinburg. It meant a lot to her, obviously, but for years, she found no one able to craft it into a piece of art.

    We met at Brevard’s Tailgate Market when she and her husband were browsing our wonderful town with hopes of moving here. We struck up a conversation, and came across mutual needs, stemming from each-others’ crafts. She wanted a Victorian-style table, to be placed upon an antique wooden base she also owned, and gave me several fotos, gathered from the Internet, showing the style she was looking for.

  This is the piece of marble she turned over to me. It had been scored, scratched, stained, and generally degraded by years and years of abuse and neglect. Numerous stun-marks were present. Staining was pervasive, and deep, from being left outside, and in constant contact with weather and the ground for a long, long time.

I first had to remove the deep staining of the marble.

This is a process called “poulticing”.

Those of you old enough to remember Granny treating you with freshly-chewed tobacco, for a bee-sting, will know exactly what I mean, and no further explanation needed. Draws it out.

For the rest of you, it’s a “secret process”  Hahaha!


Next, sides and edges were designed, patterned, and cut. (I kept on “teasing” Kathryn with partial-pictures, under development, of her tabletop, and I am not ashamed.  J  )

The finished-product was imaginable by now, and I had to share it with her. She was almost as excited as I was, to see what the final result would be.

So…   Begins “THE SHINING”.

(No, NOT the Jack Nicholson movie,)

….. but rather the caressing of the marble to a lustrous, deep, smooth, polish.

I actually did some of this polishing by moonlight, outside, on my deck “just because.”

….Edges perfected…..   Shine deepened and showing a healthy, renewed gloss, worthy of an Italian white marble quarried and cut Who-Knows-How-many years ago.

The wood underneath is the original wooden tabletop that she had on the base, just to give an idea of the “Victorian” mood we were seeking.


I used, instead, 1/8-inch Oak wood as an underlayment for the marble, appropriately stained and sealed, to achieve the requested “Victorian” look.…

and a table is created, with heritage, care, precision, exactness, and craftsmanship.

Ms Rutherford was delighted, and I refer you to her website’s email-contact as a reference.

Please allow me to craft something as personal, as perfect, and as fun as I did for Kathryn Rutherford. She and I were both delighted with this project, which made it a perfect project for me. Surely there’s one as fun in your imagination!