I craft beauty from natural stone.  I did not find stone; stone found me!  I love working with it, learning about it, and crafting it into GORGEOUS useful items.  I’m a member in good standing of the Stone Fabricators Alliance, a national organization dedicated to raising the bar in the quality of fabrication of granite.  Visit our SFA website, and ask about me if you wish.

   When people say “granite” in the context of a home, kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities immediately come to mind. Truth be told, there is so much more that can be done with it, and for a lot less money.  And you’ll still have the exquisite timelessness of natural stone in your home or place of work. There is a “personality” in each and every piece of natural stone.

   Let me craft something beautiful for you.  View my inventory, or I can cut, shape, and polish to your specifications.  Just send me an email.  My pricing is quite reasonable compared to other finished granite sources, and my love and passion for doing it is unequalled.  I have a long list of delighted clients, if you want a reference.

    If you already have Granite or Marble in your life and have problems or questions about it, please drop me an email and I’ll help you to the best of my ability.

Certainly, one applies to you and your surroundings.