Here are some of the product types I craft and supply. As the business, and this website, grow we will add pages and items available for immediate sale  on the “Products” page!  (...Custom items can be contracted via an email exchange begun from the “Contact Us” page.)

Hand-crafted tabletops, either pre-fabricated, or crafted to your specs. (Bases or stands are generally not included)

Natural Stone business-card holders.  A handy, useful, and inexpensive gift item.

Granite or marble spoon-rests.  An excellent and inexpensive “mini-upgrade” to any kitchen.

Stone trivets, or “hot-pots”, which will add a touch of class and style to any home.  Place it near the stove, or under your coffeepot area, or anywhere else.

Granite bases for sculptures, art, awards or trophies will REALLY set off the object of focus! Holes can be drilled to your specifications.

Granite lazy-susans, in various sizes, finishes, edges, and stones.

(I have crafted these in a rectangular shape, too, for TV’s!)

Natural Stone Rock Candles.  Made with one, two or three wicks, in various sizes, finishes, edges, and stones.


Stone votive holders, in various sizes, finishes, edges, and stones.

Stone cheese boards and cutting boards- many sizes, colors and stone choices available.

Slide-out Coffee Caddy